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        Product Application

        Beite environmental protection adheres to guiding product development and design with technical innovation, using professional design software, relying on comprehensive testing methods, and in line with the principle of doing specialty and excellence, starting from each product detail, striving to build a famous brand of China's environmental protection equipment.

        Municipal institution:

        Beijing Gaobeidian Sewege Treatment Plant
        Shanghai Wusong Sewege Treatment Plant
        Xian Southwest effect Sewage Treatment Plant
        Kunming No.8 Sewage Treatment Plant

        Petrochemistry industry:

        PetroChina&Sinopec qualified supplier
        Jilin Petrochemical &Yizheng Chemical fiber

        Paper making industry:

        Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Company
        Ningbo Aisa Paper Company
        Jiangsu leeman Paper Company
        Hainan Jinhai Paper Company

        Food Pharmaceutical industry:

        Anhui huangchi food factory
        Huabei pharmaceutical group